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The Kwekel Difference

By exclusively focusing on Sale Leasebacks, Kwekel provides exceptional execution capabilities for corporately owned and occupied real estate. Without exception, none of the top commercial real estate firms in the Nation offer a dedicated Sale Leaseback practice or team.

Real estate is not the core business of most corporate occupiers; as such the various capital markets opportunities available to them often remain unknown or unleveraged. Corporate occupiers are increasingly utilizing the sale leaseback vehicle to monetize 100% of an owned property’s value while securing long-term occupancy and control of the property. Other companies use sale leasebacks as a way to manage a future exit from a property under better economics. Kwekel’s Sale Leaseback practice is designed to look critically at all capital markets solutions and ultimately discover value for commercial real estate occupiers.

Kwekel’s unique focus is combined with deep expertise in finance, accounting, economics and tax, as well as underwriting of both real estate based and credit based transaction structures. By combining these skill sets, we create highly advanced strategies for our clients.

Kwekel is an international leader in Sale Leaseback dispositions. Over the past 20 years we have exclusively marketed hundreds of transactions. Firm Sale Leasebacks Firm Sale Leasebacks